Content Management Solutions

Linton offers web-based Content Management System (CMS) with all of our sites.  Our CMS allows our clients to manage all of the content on their websites that change on a regular basis, enabling an easy way to update text, images, links and pdfs on your site.

This allows your business to leverage the online medium and communicate your vision to both your customers and to the world, enabling you to:

  • easily manage content - easy to use graphical administrative interface - text editor similar to Microsoft Word (WYSIWYG content editor support)
  • manage and centralise communication and data
  • extend your brand through a unique and flexible design
  • keep your website current with new or updated content
  • allow multiple, non-technical users to input content, new pages, news and events

Standard Publishing Features:

  • create, publish, reorder and edit articles in a click
  • create your own publishing schedule: schedule automatic and/or start/stop dates for publishing.
  • publish different content types (eg, news, content, links, PDFs, information, etc.) parts of the website fully editable and manageable

Standard Website Features:

  • web-based access
  • unlimited pages
  • member only area
  • site traffic statistics
  • search engine friendly code
  • PC and Mac compatible


  • website tested in multiple browsers and platforms for compatability (eg, Firefox; Mozilla; Opera; Internet Explorer; Netscape; etc.)
  • content display scheduling (time-release content, as well as set expiry of content)
  • updated/creation dates published automatically (optional) on content pages
  • print friendly pages for printing content
  • screen reader compatibility