Application Development

Linton understands that not all businesses are the same, and may need to implement processes specific to their needs. For example, we have developed software for a variety of industries, the main focus of projects enabling our customers to significantly improve their processes efficiently, eliminating manual tasks.

With over 20 years of experience, Linton understands the importance of providing the appropriate solution for your needs and will work with your business to determine the appropriate solution.

Template development

Develop and support custom solution templates for unique and multi-purpose publishing.  For example, targeted word processing templates for annual reports, presentations, newsletters, brochures and special purpose branded publications.

All templates provide the ability for multiple publishers in a network operating environment that help facilitate a range of automated formatting, including section and styles formatting and editing.  Linton can also provide enhanced management of pre-press printing for publications generation to facilitate and interact with a range of other application software.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • MS Word template design and development
  • Adobe products facilitation and interaction

Application and template integration

Linton's templates can also be setup to provide seamless integration into other applications - including online web sites.  Rather than wrestling with the conversion of your data from one application to another (which can sometimes be a painstaking procedure!), we can assist with providing an optimum solution that provides the ability to convert your data seamlessly and painlessly into your chosen application or online web Content Management System (CMS).

Contact us for more information, or inquire about our multi-purpose Application Templates.


Developers = Highly Skilled Trainers

Who best to train your staff than highly skilled, motivated, and work savvy developers!

Our trainers are developing solutions in the products they train in, which is why our training is so relevant to your business.

Whilst you may know what you need and would like to achieve, struggling with technology without training can make this a near impossible objective.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Training analysis and delivery
  • Workshop analysis and delivery
  • Change management - for end-users [best practice in implement ing new or updated systems in existing SOE environments]
  • Instructional and Training Documentation [pc and web based]

Contact us for more information, or inquire about our Intranet Workshops.