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Photography services, web design and development managed under one umbrella makes sense.

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Photography services ~ photos with soul...

As digital photography has become the standard for advertising for presenting your business or selling your products, producing high quality digital images requires more than a basic understanding of photography.

Producing good quality imagery that evoke a professional look and feel requires experience and skill using professional camera equipment and a range of lenses, advanced lighting techniques, computers, imaging software, colour correction, file compression, output devices, and much more.

Photos taken with a compact camera, for example, lack the professional elements required to take advantage of a range of photographic techniques to produce some of the following examples below.

Whilst a good web designer may have the skills to understand digital imaging, unfortunately, few web designers have the neccessary skills, equipment and experience required to produce their own professional photographs, and hiring an external photographic consultant can add to the cost or overheads for your project.

// Flickr - latest images uploaded:

// Melbourne at night / Southbank

Melbourne at night

Melbourne at night

Melbourne at night

// Special celebration

Special celebration

// Food / country living


// Market / flowers on show

Food Food

// Rustic food on show

Food Food